wing noise Computational Aeroacoustics

Prof. Dr.-Ing. F. Thiele Prof. Dr. sc. techn. habil. J. Sesterhenn

Welcome to the research pages of the Acoustics group at the HFI. Here you can find a comprehensive overview of the methods employed within our group, a selection of application examples, and details of our external co-operations. At the moment this does not fully represent the full breadth of our comprehensive research activities, however we are currently in the process of updating this, and more application examples are expected soon. Until then, an idea of our considerable current and past research involvement can be obtained from the list of publications.

For students, we also offer numerous opportunities for project and thesis work, including placements abroad.

Overview of method

Application examples / research topics

Present research projects

    Optitheck, Simulation for Noise Reduction of Jets - (German only)

    VALiant, VALidation amd Improvement of Airframe Noise prediction Tools - (English only)

    TURBJet, Numerical Simulation of a Supersonic Jet at High Reynolds Number with Turbulent Inflow Conditions - (English only)

    CoJen, Calculation of coaxial Jet noise

    DFG-CNRS, Noise Generation in turbulent flows
        Bilateral cooperation on jet mixing noise

Recent research projects

    Combustion Noise, Simulation of combustion noise
        Special focus on entropy mode waves and their contribution to combustion chamber acoustics

    Frequenz, Simulation des Strahllärms bei gezahnten Düsen

    PROBAND, Improvement of fan broad-band noise prediction

    TurboNoiseCFD, Turbomachinery Noise Source CFD Models for Low Noise Aircraft Engine Designs

    Swing/Swing+, Simulation of Wing-flow Noise Generation

Co-operations abroad

Contact information

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